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Different brands or outlets might require different Custom Mannequins for their display purposes. This varied need is generally attributed to the nature of the brand’s clothing and also clothing ideas that target various people in different social or cultural conditions. New Tech Display, who are the top Mannequin Manufacturers USA, are well aware of this variable requirement by certain brands and we put or expertise to work in order to tend to this need. For brands that are looking for customized options in many different ways, we invite you to Make Your Own Mannequin design according to your needs, we will entertain those needs and requirements in the most efficient way possible. Our Custom Mannequins options extend to:

  • Custom Size Mannequins – Everyone recognizes the fact that the average person is not all that stripped and too many curves regardless of how unwanted they maybe are almost as common as food itself. New Tech Display has the option to produce Custom Size Mannequins or any other non-regular sized mannequins for our clients on order.
  • Numerous Color Options – We realize that not everyone is of the same taste in the fashion industry and the respectable fact that general people have different skin tones. It is only fitting for top fashion brands to display their top of the line clothing matching with the skin tone of the mannequins. New Tech Display provides our clients the options to design their Custom Mannequins in various color options including regular white, pale white, brown, chrome, and black.
  • Unique or Extravagant Pose – Some brands with different nature of clothing might require mannequins in unique poses. A sports clothing brand like Nike or Adidas for instance, will do very well with mannequins in running or working out poses. New Tech Display gives you the complete option to Make Your Own Mannequin in whatever pose that suits your clothing nature perfectly.
  • Artful Mannequins – Some more unique brands might still want even more customization when it comes to their mannequins. For those more demanding people we have options for Custom Mannequins that display artwork most efficiently. We will offer certain art designs for various parts of the body in order to make them look more appealing.

Customizing mannequins at New Tech Display starts from stage zero, we take all your requirements and design your Custom Size Mannequins or unique color mannequins right from the scratch. For the best quality Custom Mannequins, offers start from $2000 and includes all the sculpting, mold creating and production charges in it. Make Your Own Mannequins exactly the way you want starting from a minimum order of 50 pcs. 


Customization starts at $2,000 per mannequin in development fees which includes sculpturing the mannequin from clay and metal wires and then creating a mold of the mannequin for production.

There is a minimum order quantity of 50 pcs for each pose developed. Please contact us for your custom mannequin poses and measurements.


Send us your needs and we will be happy to create your perfect mannequin.

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We provided the measurements and the pose was based off the standard MAF-S2-401 mannequin.



We provided pictures of the pose we were looking to develop. Requested that they develop the muscle definition based off another mannequin.