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ALL INTERNATIONAL, PR, HI and US VI CUSTOMERS, please contact us to place an order rather than using the Online Shopping Cart. 

New Tech Display

New Tech Display is a leading visual merchandising company based in Los Angeles, CA. With a large inventory of fixtures and displays and internal custom design capabilities, we help deliver a superior experiences for your customers. 

New Tech Display offers a wide selection of displays for your store – from basic racks to creative and unique custom displays and cases made from our on-site factory to help you create the biggest impact for your storefront. We also offer complete retail interior design services which allows you to “see” what your store would look like before construction is even started.


We carry the largest variety of high-end designer mannequins. Mannequins are essential in displaying your products and showing the latest trends. It is the storefront mannequins that draw customers into your stores.

From abstract mannequins, realistic mannequins, plus size, “Brazilian” body voluptuous mannequins, headless, torsos, lighted mannequins, clear mannequins, as well as ghost mannequin. We also carry foot forms, tailoring dummies, fabric forms as well as sports themed mannequins such as 3 yoga poses, diving, soccer, basketball and running mannequins. 


Hangers are an essential tool for your business. Not only can it be used to hang and showcase your item, it can also help make the first impression of your products, protect your merchandise, and make it easier for your customers to look through your products. 

We carry wood, plastic, velvet hangers in a variety of colors as well as high end chromed and rubberized hangers, lingerie hangers and children’s hangers.


A custom retail display is a powerful tool used to catch the eye of the consumer and make them interested in your product. It helps promote your store’s branding and image that you want to portray to your customer.

 We custom fabricate custom displays, counters, display cases and showcases at our factory on-site. You can work with any of our design consultants to help design your display from size of the display, design as well as the finishing touches.


When it comes to jewelry, presentation is everything. Jewelry displays need to be able to draw the attention from afar. How you display your product can determine the value of your merchandise.

New Tech Display carries a wide range of jewelry displays to showcase your products at a farmers market or craft store, stores that sell low cost  jewelry by the numbers to high-end jewelries in department stores. From velvet displays to fiber glass neck and hand displays to jewelry trees. Hat displays, shoe and purse displays and belt displays help with displaying those hard to display products.


Garment racks help keep your items in one place, organizes your retail environment and is integral in increasing visibility of your merchandise. Racks & Fixtures also allows you to keep your inventory out in your store to increase sales by square foot value. 

You can reinforce your company’s branding using our different collection of racks.

 From basic rolling salesman racks, round racks that is perfect for those sale items, decorative racks for boutiques to industrial piping racks and our clean lined modern racks.


“Don’t sweat the small stuff”.  From signage holders, sale signs, S-hooks, boot inserts to give your boots some form and shopping bags. They all come together to create the complete customer experience from the moment your customer is drawn to your store until far beyond the time they leave. 

 Attractive displays and storefront leads to sales which eventually takes us down the yellow brick road……

 “In today’s visually stimulated world, where competition for the customer’s attention and money has become fierce, learning to transform a retail environment into an appealing and stimulating platform for shopping is vital to any business, big or small. Good retail display increases customer traffic and sales dramatically” – Mechtron