Kids Egg Mannequins

Kids clothing and fashion apparel along with accessories are some of the most retailed lines in many fashion stores. How to display your special clothing lines most efficiently in display windows or even in-stores at important locations? This is something that can make that difference in boosting your sales and making your kids clothing brand successful compared with average performing ones. New Tech Display offers high quality Kids Egg Mannequins that have an egg shape head perfect for putting the spotlight on your fashion clothing. We have Young Boys Egg Mannequins, Teenage Kids Egg Mannequins, Crawling Children Egg Mannequins and Kids Egg Mannequins for all ages of kids and children.

You can also get separate Egg shaped Heads for your mannequins or only their bodies as you require or prefer. Mixing dark and light chrome finish in different colors for heads and bodies can be a perfect solution for fancy kids fashion clothing. All our Kids and Children Mannequins are made from top quality materials that make your fashion clothing feel natural and you can get custom perfect sizes for them as well providing parents and kinds with just the visual attraction they need to eventually purchase your clothing.

Precise sized dies are used for the Egg shaped heads or the bodies of all our Kids Egg Mannequins making them just perfect for your needs and requirements. Have a look at our extensive range of Kids Egg Mannequins and find which one is perfect for you. The delivered sizes and specifications will match to what is written on our website at all times.