Plus Size

Plus Size Mannequins

Do you need plus size mannequins, body forms or plus size torsos mannequins for your fashion store decoration? We have good quality plus size female mannequins and body forms manufactured by high quality material at reasonable price. Fast shipment and delivery guaranteed.

Everyone recognizes the fact that not all people have similar bodies. Where some people spend lots of time in the gym toning their bodies up, some don’t have that much time available to them or just don’t pay the required attention to their bodies and end up on the plus size when it comes to clothing. Plus Size Mannequins provide great opportunities to fashion brands to relate to the average build people that have shifted towards the plus size.

Plus Size Mannequin Dress Forms

Plus Size Mannequin Dress Forms have the ability to attract the average person into the shop because they can provide great dressing ideas and highlight them exactly how they will look on the average build people. New Tech Display deal in mannequins of various types and sizes and we also tend to the custom requirements by our clients in the most efficient way. Plus Size Mannequin Torso and the whole mannequin body by New Tech Display has the ability to:

  • Display Plus sized clothing appropriately
  • Be relatable to the higher number of general population
  • Boost the sales of the brands by pulling in more customers
  • Provide the fashion brands with options to display their plus size clothing as well

Plus Size Male Mannequins

In more recent times, there have been fashion brands aimed at the regular plus sized people. The growing popularity of those brands and general plus sized clothing has boosted the demand for Plus Size Male Mannequins as well as female mannequins. New Tech Display are the industry leading company that provides Plus Size Mannequins that are made from the top quality materials and have the ability to last for many years to come.

 Wholesale Plus Size Mannequins

If you are a fashion brand or even a trader that deals in Plus size Mannequins and are looking for great deals on Wholesale Plus Size Mannequins, New Tech Display is just right for you. We have years of experience and have mastered the technique of manufacturing super high quality Plus Size Mannequin Dress Form and offer them to our clients at very market competitive rates as well. We make sure our Plus Size Male Mannequin and female mannequin offerings have all the necessary curves in their bodies in order to make them appear more realistic and relatable for the general plus size public, which enables them to get great clothing ideas from the mannequins when they are displayed wearing top quality clothing lines from the brands in their display windows.

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