Yoga Mannequins

We have tried our best to make most of the customized mannequins a general offering. Yoga Pose Mannequins are not your everyday common ones, they might only be used at a select number of stores that deal in yoga or general workout clothing. However these display the Yoga poses and clothing in the most efficient way.

Yoga Mannequins for Sale are not the easiest to find unless you want to make a custom order, which might cost additional charges, New Tech Display however, have some of the highest quality Yoga Mannequin Female and male options and also the similar Dancing Mannequin that at times look similar to yoga mannequins. Our Yoga mannequins are:

  • Manufactured in multiple processes and layers in order to guarantee durability and quality finish of the highest level. We first make a structure from metal pipes that holds all the clay and silicon on top in place no matter how rudely they are handled.
  • Finished in the highest quality using layers of matt or shiny paint or layers depending on the requirement from our clients.
  • Offered in different color options in order to match the exact requirements and also become as relatable as possible for the end consumers of our clients.

Yoga Mannequins are Action Mannequins that are supposed to highlight the Yoga poses efficiently. At New Tech Display we provide you with the top quality Female Faceless Yoga Mannequins or ones with heads as well that are well balanced and will stand up or remain in the sitting Yoga Positions for as long as you wish them too. The top quality paint and finishing top layers ensure them to look the best in your display windows as well. We also have a wide range of Yoga Mannequins for Sale that are designed at our superior workshops and get delivered to you exactly in the condition you want them to. Choose the best position that suits your display window most appropriately, provide a combination of different Yoga positions for the best attractive results and also choose the colors that suit you best. No matter what position or color you choose, there will be no compromise on quality, you will get the highest quality Yoga Mannequins from New Tech Display regardless of what design, shape, color, pose or style mannequins you choose. To satisfy all the needs and requirements of our clients is the top priority at New Tech Display.