Articulated Mannequin | Adjustable Mannequins

New Tech Display offers a huge variety of display mannequins for the artists, photographers, dress designers, window dressers and retailers. If you’re searching for the adjustable mannequin that pose in different positions, then explore our huge collection of flexible mannequin. Whether you need male, female or kid mannequin, we provide you the best mannequins that perfectly suit your display needs.

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Available in different colors, sizes and shapes, we have a huge collection of all kinds of poseable mannequins. Our display models are movable and flexible so they are perfect for creating different poses and display scenes.

High Quality Bendable Mannequins Offer Versatility

Our high quality articulated mannequin collection offer versatility so you can easily pose or set them in any position. Our models are made of high quality fiberglass or plastic. They have flexible joints and balls, so you can position them in any human pose to add more interest to your displays. Having jointed shoulders, arms, legs and thigh, they are perfect for any pose. So you will able to set the mannequins into different poses. Having locked joint, they have the capability to support more weight. So these are great for posing in motion, in a bicycle or in sporting pose.

Features Of Adjustable Mannequins

  • High quality material and construction
  • Available in different sizes, colors and shapes
  • With Bendable joints, shoulder balls and flexible body, they can create different poses
  • Movable knees, elbows and neck
  • Bendable and lightweight models are easy to use and handle
  • Having a metal base that provides extra stability
  • Extremely flexible bodies to create a realistic display
  • Great for use in  studios, theater, costumes, court rooms, shops and boutiques

We offer high quality poseable mannequins at affordable prices. Though our prices are cost effective, but we don’t compromise on the quality of products and services. We are flexible towards our customer’s needs. So we’re proud of delivering best custom mannequin to our clients. Discuss your specification or needs with us, we will build custom mannequins that you’re looking for. 

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