High Impact Slatwall Display Shelves, Panels, Slatwall Display Board, hooks, Shelf Brackets, Gridwall panels & Accessories

Are you looking for the amazing displaying ideas to set up your new shop or the existing one? If yes, check our collection. New Tech Display offers a wide collection of best slatwall display systems that are widely used in retail stores, boutiques, businesses and even in homes. Our versatile display systems are durable and affordable.

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Having experts with the expertise, we manufacture the highest quality slatwall displays that are perfect for both large and small businesses or retail stores. Our amazing display systems not only takes your stress of organizing, but they can transform your simple store into an exciting display area.

Extensive Line Of Display Systems, Fixtures & Slatwall Accessories

You can choose from our wide collection of display and slatwall accessories that includes gridwall and slatwall panels, boards, slatwall shelves, gridwall panels, slatwall shelf brackets, hooks and much more. From high quality slatwall board & display to high impact fixture and accessories, we’ve gathered everything to complete your slatwall display.

Slatwall Board and Display

Our unique display systems are made of high quality material. It can be made of Medium Density fiberboard (MDF), PVC  or acrylic. We manufacture unique display systems that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor display.

Multiple Finishes Options

With multiple finishing and laminate options, we provide you multiple options so you can easily choose the best one that nicely fit your shop. You can choose from the finishing options including melamine, grade paint and high pressure laminate.

If you’ve specific needs and demands, discuss with us. We provide you the best options and we will customize a display that fits your store’s personality and budget. Whether you need a plain MDF display with laminate finishing or a slatwall board having a varnish coating, we provide you the exact product you are looking for.

Slatwall Panels And Freestanding Fixtures

We have a wide collection of both Slatwall panels and freestanding fixtures that give a professional look to your retail store. Our high quality wall panels are a great space saving option. So these are ideal for even tight spaces. By hanging our unique wall panels in your store, you can create a multilevel display. They are available in different sizes and can be mounted in multi-panel configuration.

If fixed wall panels are not a choice and you want a more flexible option, you can choose from our huge range of freestanding fixtures. Our extensive line of freestanding fixture includes H-units (gondolas), cube, pinwheel and towers. They are available in different styles and sizes and offer more flexibility to Merchandisers to design their store’s layout. Our high quality fixtures are ultra light and easy to place anywhere in the store or in the malls or even in exhibitions. Our H-units and cube are perfect for displaying a large amount of products and ideal for the larger merchandise. The pinwheels and towers are perfect for showcasing small products or outfit and they can easily sit in a small store or tight corners.

 So, here at New tech Display, we’ve the best display products and solutions for both small and large businesses. Discuss your requirements with us. We will provide you the display system that gives a professional look to your store and works well with your brand identity.

Accessories And Attachments

Keeping in mind the display requirements of our valued customers, we also carry a variety of display fixtures, accessories or attachments that are necessary to complete and compliment an exciting display area. Our practical slatwall fixtures and accessories are made of different material and available in different colors and finishes to bring the versatility.

You can choose from our wide range of slatwall hooks, peg hooks, hangrails, frame hooks, slatwall brackets, slatwall shelf brackets, straight faceout, waterfall faceout, channel inserts, bins and literature pockets. These accessories not only complete the display system, but they also add interest in a store. Choose functional attachments and accessories to create an exciting merchandising or an attractive display system.

Our high quality hangrails and hooks are best for displaying clothing, apparel, jewelry and other products. Waterfall and straight faceout are great for hanging bags, purse, clothing, caps and other products having straps.  

By combining slatwall accessories to the display system, you can easily rearrange the display layout. The high quality fixtures and accessories are easy to add and ensure convenient movement of the products, making it easy for your customers to view the items with no obstructions.

Having a large collection of display systems, fixtures and accessories, New tech Display is a one stop shop for all your display requirements and needs. Focusing on the presentation and customer’s displaying needs, we deliver the quality products and best solutions to our valued customers. 

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